Welcome to the home of the hockey keeper kit

Over the past 5 years, I've been developing a fantasy hockey draft guide and, for the first time, I've decided to go public with it.  This website outlines the benefits of this guide and provides link for the purpose of purchasing it for your own fantasy hockey drafts.


Player Rankings

Team Ranker

Trade Analyser

Provided in the kit is a guide consisting of 27 sortable stat categories for both position players and goalies.  While some guides like to buff their accuracy statistics by including players with next to no fantasy relevance (wow, you accurately projected a player to get two goals next season, congrats!), I've provided full, honest details of my projection statistics below.



Players within 2 Goals of Projection

(Minimum of 5 goals - 393 Players Total)



Goalies within 3 Wins of Projection

(Minimum of 5 GP - 65 Players Total)



Players within 2 Assists of Projection

(Minimum of 5 assists - 519 Players Total)



Goalies with Save Percentage within 0.005% of Projection

(Minimum of 5 GP - 65 Players Total)


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