The reason I made this guide was because I thought it was ridiculous to pay for a guide.  Sure, you may be thinking the same about this one, however, I'm not charging nearly as much as my competition.  You might be like me and think you could just build your own, but can you really say your time is less valuable than $5 (CAN)?


Where some guides charge $20 and up (go ahead, check... I'll wait...), you can have mine for only $5!  You might already be paying at least $20 for your league entry fees assuming you're in a league with a cash reward.  And, if you're in a free league, you can have my kit for the cost of a burger.  Can you really beat that price?


No pre-order hassles!  No raising the price closer to your draft!

Kit cost

$5.00 (CAN)

how to order

Email me directly using the "Contact Me" page to request your kit and wait for details

online payment service

E-Transfer (Please contact your bank regarding whether or not you have this option)

*** Disclaimer ***

I really have no idea how well this kit will be received so I truly have no estimate regarding how many people might be requesting this kit.  I'm strictly taking a first come, first serve approach regarding the distribution of it.  Pre-ordering is obviously recommended as I can pretty confidently predict a mad dash of orders immediately before the NHL regular season opens.  I'll do my best to accommodate as many orders as possible but I cannot guarantee you will get it in time for your draft if you do not give me enough of a head-start.  For instance, requesting a kit the day before your draft is NOT an acceptable expectation.


Additional notes regarding purchases:

  • No refunds
  • A withdrawal will be made from your account via E-Transfer PRIOR  to you receiving your kit
  • Updates to the kit will only be provided for major transactions and no updates will be provided following the start of the NHL regular season