frequently asked questions (Faq)

I provide a fairly extensive FAQ as part of my guide and I won't bother providing it all here as it specifically relates and links to certain areas of my kit.  If you have any questions either before or after purchasing the kit, I will be glad to answer them from the "Contact Me" page or on the Forum.  If any good ones come up that I may have overlooked, I'll try to add them here in the future.


great fantasy resources

I did say you should do some more reading...


Left Wing Lock

A great resource for figuring out the projected starting goalies each night as well as player and line combinations.  I specifically favour this site for goalie matchups.  They also have a fairly solid fantasy podcast.


Daily Faceoff

Similar to Left Wing Lock, this identifies starting goalies and line combinations.  If you create a Disqus account, the comment board on the Starting Goalie page is quite useful for getting a quick responses on potential trades you've proposed/been offered or who to start on a given night/week.


General Fanager

The best online resource for up-to-date contract, trade, and roster details.  For fantasy, the site might not be great for immediate purposes, however, it is great for future planning with regards to keepers and identifying those potential "contract year all-stars".


ESPN Fantasy Player Rankings

Pre-draft rankings for most players with projected stats for each.  The write-ups are particularly useful as they give reasons for targeting (or not) certain players.  It works well in conjunction with my kit.